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The Difference Between the Primary Sources of the Thesis and Secondary Sources
The completion of a thesis involves the study of a large amount of information. It is important that all the information relied upon by the author be reliable and substantiated. Writers working at renowned institutions similar to are always sorting through the sources in order to determine ones that are fit to be used for a thesis. This makes their written works high-class, so it's no surprise that students ordering there can enjoy a high grade no matter what specialty they are studying for.
Where can I get materials for writing a graduation project?
The thesis is a research work in which the author must consider theoretical aspects within the framework of the chosen topic and conduct a study, where in “practice” he will prove the relevance of the issue under consideration and propose an action plan to solve the problem.
To write a theoretical chapter, the author can use data from: textbooks and teaching aids, abstracts and term papers , WRCs, dissertations, monographs, archival materials, reports (analytical, practical, etc.), etc. in the empirical part of the thesis, it is necessary to rely only on proven and proven theories. Therefore, it is recommended to double-check the same thoughts indicated in different sources.
To complete the practical chapter, the student will have to “get” data about a specific object (enterprise, department, group of people, etc.). The sources of information can be the company's internal reporting, charter, statistical data, annual and quarterly reports, data from the personnel department, etc.
The main differences between primary and secondary sources of information of the thesis
The main difference between primary and secondary information is the method of obtaining it. Primary data require direct contact with the participants / witnesses of the phenomenon, being at the "scene", and the secondary one is the study of materials already processed by conducting a "desk" research. Advantages and disadvantages of primary and secondary information.
In fact, the supervisor is responsible for the timeliness and quality of the graduation project, as it controls the progress of its implementation by the student and gives advice on adjusting the study in order to obtain a decent grade.
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